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Welcome to Yamel's Creations

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About  Yamel

Hi my name is Yamel Azcoitia. 

I began to take an interest in this beautiful art since 2008.

I had no idea of anything, I did not know  where to buy or what was needed.

I was excited with the paints that they sell at Walmart around Halloween.

Around 2012 I bought a kit on eBay, for that time I didn't know anything about brands or quality. 

My excitement kept on growing and growing to paint.

I started as a volunteer painting at all kinds of events for non-profit organizations, schools, libraries, churches and daycares.

That emotion became a passion.  I'm passionate about learning and improving to make this my work for a lifetime.

I have attended many classes and as I always say I'm so proud to learn from the greatest instructors.

I have been fortunate to attended a Face and Body Art Convention to meet different people around the world  that have the same passion or interests as me. 

I'm also happy to know that there's many talented artists near from me in Illinois & Wisconsin.  

I'm also grateful to be part of a Facebook group called "Inspiration to paint" that encourage  and motivate artist from around the world to paint every day to improve and learn more.



Face Painting

Glitter Tattoos

Belly Paint

Balloon Twisting


Bring fun and color to your party for any occasion! If you have an specific theme for your party just let us know and we can create designs for your party. 


The best option when the weather is hot or have a pool party.  Glitter Tattoos are waterproof and last several days. We use cosmetic adhesive and cosmetic glitter.

The best time of a woman.

Celebrate the Joy of having a baby with a special and unique gift forever.

We can create many shapes or customize any theme or color.


Contact Us

If you would like to contact us regarding an event, please contact me via:


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